Research Competence

Activities in Research & Development

Together with students, the staff of the department "Micro & Nano Systems" is active in various national and international research and development projects in the following areas:

  • MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems) design
  • Micro-and Nanoelectronics
  • Integrated chip design
  • Micro-sensors and actuators
  • Micro-replication process
  • Nano-coating techniques

Current Projects

Together with students and lecturers, topics of current interest are in the focus of cooperative research projects together with our industrial and research partners.

    • EU-project within the 7th framework program: "COTECH" (Converging Technologies for Microsystems Manufacturing)
      The project is dealing with the development of new production methods for microsystems. These new processes are being developed up to final industrial mass production. The focus of the project is primarily on cost-effective production techniques of high-quality micro- & nanostructured components which are not based on silicon.
    • EU-project within the Eureka ENIAC program: "IMPROVE" (Implementing Manufacturing science solutions to increase equipment PrOductiVity and fab pErformance)
      Models and concepts for production optimization of integrated circuits in advanced chip factories are being developed.
    • EU-project within the 7th framework program: "SEAL" (Semiconductor Equipment Assessment Leveraging Innovation)
      New manufacturing equipment for the production of integrated circuits for future process technologies in the field of nanoelectronics represents the focus of the SEAL project in order to strengthen the European semiconductor industry.

    • EU-project within Eureka CATRENE program: "COCOA" (Chip-On-Chip technology to Open new Applications)
      This project deals with the 3D integration of microelectronic chips, which are manufactured using latest process technologies. Using so-called Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) for chip-stacking, the advantages of different semiconductor technologies can be combined efficiently. Therefore an integrated gas sensor as a demonstrator for the implementation of this novel technology is developed at FH Wiener Neustadt and the research subsidiary FOTEC.
    • FFG project - program line Intelligent production: “NaNoCopy" (Intelligent nano-color pigments and films with sensorial properties for piracy protection and quality assurance)
      In this research project a counterfeiting protection for e.g. pharmaceutical products, bank notes and road tax vignette is developed. The effect exploits a multilayer thin film technology including optical nanoparticles which can be applied using the different techniques like PVD or flexo-printing.
    • Industrial-project: "High-Speed ADC"
      A fully integrated High-Speed ADC with a 10bit resolution, 100MSps sample rate was designed, simulated, layouted and characterized in 0.18µm CMOS technology. Based on pipeline architecture, the ADC contains 9 consecutive stages deriving 1.5bit each and forwarding the remaining residue to the next stage.
    • FFG project - program line COIN: "PAM” (Powder Additive Manufacturing)
      The research project, in cooperation with FOTEC, focuses on applications as well as additional development and optimization of powder-based additive manufacturing processes.

Reference projects

    • FFG BRIDGE project "Nano-multilayer coatings for smart labels and smart packaging"
    • Joint project of the Austrian Nano Initiative "PHONAS" (Photokathalytic Nanolayers)
    • FFG BRIDGE project "POC" (Point of Care - Microfluidic sensors for medical applications)
    • EU project within the 6th framework program "SEA-NET" (Semiconductor Equipment Assessment for Nanoelectronic Technologies)
    • BMVIT program line A3 "SENSAFE" (Optical sensors for automotive safety systems)
    • FHplus project "Use of rapid prototyping processes for micro molding"
    • FFG BRIDGE project "Rapid prototyping of cellular structures"
    • BMVIT - MNA - Networking "Micro-and Nano-Initiative Austria"
    • FFG COIN project "FaN" (Humidity nano pigments for smart packaging and surfaces)
    • TecNet project "Sustainable thermal paper"

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