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Hense Melanie, Austria

Field of specialisation: International Marketing and Sales, B_BCi 6th semester student

 "People often ask me why I decided to study BCI & to my mind, the answer to that is very simple: most importantly in BCI you get to work and study within a very unique and international environment with endless possibilities to network and exchange opinions with students, lecturers and future employees. Also, the sound and very practical oriented education, where I have to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in many real-life case studies, absolutely prepares me for the business world. Having the opportunity to specialize in the field that especially interests you and spending an exchange semester at one of our partner universities, I was totally able to personalize my educational part and gain not only valuable educational but also personal experiences. To conclude, I feel very proud to be part of such an encouraging programme and never regretted my choice."


Flonner Eva, Austria

Field of specialisation: International Accounting and Finance, B_BCi15 Graduate


"Business Consultancy International was a veritable stepping stone for my career. Especially the chance to learn from first-class academics as well as from experienced practitioners, creates the perfect interplay amongst theoretical knowledge and practical application.

The program provides the opportunity to realize one's full potential: By supporting students to the fullest in academic research and by encouraging them to participate in challenging and enriching competitions, the professorial chair succeeds in broadening one's horizon. The educational program is complemented by its international aspect and the possiblity to really perfect one's English."

Markus WINTERHALTER, Austria

Field of specialisation: International Marketing and Sales, B_BCi15 Graduate


"The international degree program evokes the possibility to experience new cultures and gain global expertise in business. The curriculum nurtures essential soft skills in presenting, teamwork, and intercultural understanding. After choosing a specialization, the University offers a diverse range of events and clubs (e.g. Finance Club) in order to give students a wider insight into potential careers. Furthermore, international guest lecturers and multiple business challenges (e.g. L´Oréal brand challenge) provide opportunities to network with potential employers. Overall, I strongly recommend Business Consultancy International to every dedicated student who wants to study global business in a practice-orientated way."

Tijana DAVIDOVIC, Serbia

Field of specialisation: International Accounting and Finance, B_BCi15 Graduate


"This program is meant for anyone who wishes to put learned theoretical knowledge into practice while studying, in order to make oneself more competitive when entering the labor market. I feel that upon graduation I will be fully ready to perform any task an employer requires, precisely due to the wealth of experience of our lecturers. In addition, the interactive lecture style as well as a great deal of real-life examples offered by colleagues from all around the world facilitate studying for exams. Due to the continuous assessment, everything I learned throughout BCi will not be forgotten easily, including wonderful people."

Greshma PALLIKUNNEL, Austria

Field of specialisation: International Human Resources and Management, B_BCi 2015 Graduate


"Business Consultancy International helped me to establish business contacts with people from all over the world. Our program hosts over 20 different nationalities and proudly welcomes exchange students from various countries throughout the year, which helps us interact with diverse people, hence studying in English which is the global language of business is essential.

I was given a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the exchange program offered by the University, and had an amazing time during my semester abroad in Canada."

Haydn BLEACKLEY, United Kingdom

Field of specialisation: International Accounting and Finance, B_BCi 2013 Graduate


"The BCi program is the perfect springboard to an international career. With business today being conducted on a global platform, studying at a university with future oriented values in a global environment is indispensable. BCi equips students with the perfect toolkit that will help them to flourish and realize their true potential. This is in-part thanks to a collaborative and dynamic environment at the FHWN which is conducive to learning and innovative thinking. The academic staff has an invaluable trove of real world experience and genuinely and wholeheartedly strives for each student to realize his or her full potential. This, along with a close community of students, fosters and facilitates an environment of success."

Artem FADIN, Russia

Field of specialisation: International Accounting and Finance, B_BCi 2013 Graduate


"BCi is an unusual program, fusing together hands-on education and internationalism. During my studies I have come to understand a great deal about how the business world works and have made some good friends from all over the world.

Russian student in, cosmopolitan financier out. However, you have to be able to handle your free time and know what you want, but I guess it is the same anywhere."

Christian HOLZER, Austria

Field of specialisation: International Human Resources and Management, B_BCi 2013 Graduate

"The Human Resources program made me look beyond the figures and numbers in business. It made me understand clearly that profit is only a result of the value that is provided by people and their minds; therefore, you got to develop a sense of having the right people at the right place.

I believe that the Human Resources program gave me a great understanding of the different areas of HR in the field of business and let me grasp the fact that the potential of a human being is even far from what one could possibly imagine. The HR program enforces valuable cultural understanding and knowledge, which will be of great importance in our multicultural society." 

Eszter CSENÀR, Hungary

Field of specialisation: International Marketing and Sales, B_BCi 2013 Graduate


"To my mind, the IMS specialization provides a great, comprehensive and thorough “guide” for real life with its practically oriented education. Highly competent lecturers share their precious experiences and know-how with the audience, moreover they always aspire to incorporate the most up-to-date news in the lectures. Receiving a constructive feedback after each presentation enhanced my presentation skills and for me it has been a crucial aspect as I feel it has truly prepared me for real business life. Overall, I strongly believe that IMS gives such a knowledge to you that will definitely help to achieve your goals in your future career."

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