News and Events 2017

Cheers for Charity

Students working for a good cause

The "Cheers for Charity" event took place on December 15, 2017 at the Wiener Neustadt campus, where around 150 people gathered to enjoy and celebrate a nice evening, and contribute to a good cause. This event was the idea of students in the Quantitative Marketing Research course taught by Mag. Stefan Dressler, after they had engaged in empirical research for LIGHT FOR THE WORLD, Kindernothilfe and Social Friends.

Students managed the fund raising, event organisation and hosting all independently, and in the end raised 1,680 € to support the 3 charities.


Congratulations on a great effort and hopefully the start of an annual Cheers for Charity event!

"The BCi program is special in many ways. With the charity event "Cheers for Charity", we were engaging in a project beyond scientific research. Initiated in the course "Quantitative Marketing Research", we organized the first charity event at the FHWN. We greatly enjoyed this extracurricular task. It is always exciting to do something for the first time and there is room for improvement. But in the end we were happy to donate the earnings to the charitable organizations and to have gained valuable learnings that will hopefully create an even better event next year."

"As much work as we put into it, as much we got out of it. It wasn't always easy, but in the end it paid off and taught us many things necessary to organize a successful event. It was an exciting project and none of us could believe it would be finally happening when it arrived. It wasn't perfect, but it was a good start and cosy event with valuable learnings for us. We hope everyone that participated enjoyed the evening so that we are able to make this event bigger next year. And most of all, we are happy to be able to support the charitable organizations through the earnings."

MBCi17 Students, Quantitative Marketing Research

MBCi Project: “Bank of the Future”

Keyword: Digital Transformation - students of the master's programme Business Consultancy International (specialisation: Marketing Analytics ) analysed the needs and expectations of current and future bank clients of Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) as part of the course Consumer Insights, taught by Dr. Karin Dobernig. At the end of the project RBI was impressed by the valuable results that the students presented:

 “We engaged four teams to deal with the topics Mobile Banking Expectations, Fintech Challenges, Banking Ecosystem, as well as Customer pain points from the perspective of ‚Millenials‘. The outcome as well as the seniority and professionalism of the students exceeded our expectations by far. In terms of quality, structure, international perspective and executability, the results reach in various aspects the standards you might expect from well-known strategy consultants. Based on this experience, we will - jointly with the students - implement findings in our Digital offering across Eastern Europe and would highly appreciate to continue this cooperation in the future.”       

Markus Kirchmair, Head of International Retail Strategy & Products at RBI


Website optimization for Kinderhospiz MOMO

On December 16th, 18 MBCi students of the specialisation Marketing Analytics presented their ideas on website optimization to the Performance Online Marketing Agency edialog and Momo Kinderhospiz. As part of their course Special Topics in Marketing Analytics 2, students slipped into the shoes of web consultants and worked with a real client of edialog, the non-profit organisation Momo Kinderhospiz.

In order to come up with highly relevant optimization ideas, students had the opportunity to analyse website data via Google Analytics. Besides quantitative analysis, students also collected qualitative data via usability research methods such as Eye Tracking, Think-Aloud-Method and Card Sorting. Based on their in-depth analysis, the students were able to give highly relevant recommendations for website optimization and A/B testing. The jury consisting of Ms. Hollinger (PR at Momo Kinderhospiz), Mr. Rukamp (Web Analytics at edialog), Mr. Heimhilcher (Conversion Optimization at edialog) and Tatjana Steinwandter (Academic Lecturer and Course Leader) were extremely impressed by the outcome. One team stood out especially through their top performance: Stefanie Macher, Alexander Beneder, Danish Hassan and Eustacia Lau Wing Sze were announced the winning team and won tickets for the Google Analytics Conference 2018. Congratulations – well done!

BCi Students participate in ‘The BCi Henkel Challenge’

On December 1st, 40 students (BBCi as well as Exchange students) specialising in International Marketing and Sales, participated in a competition hosted by Henkel – The BCi Henkel Challenge.  As part of their Strategic Brand Management course, students had the opportunity to work on a real project for Henkel – one of the leading FMCG players in Europe. Student groups developed their strategic ideas for Bref toilet bowl cleaner, and were hosted at the Henkel Headquarters in Vienna for the final challenge presentation. A panel of judges, including Henkel Recruitment Partner & Employer Branding Specialist - Astrid Reitbauer - as well as many senior brand and marketing managers, critiqued the students and selected a winner. Congratulations to the winning team: Alexander De Lange, Christian Andreas Bydlinski, Hana Durajkova, Garcia Munoz, and Bernadett Sardi.

Participating in the Henkel Challenge was undeniably one of the most valuable experiences we have had while studying. Not only did it provide us with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-life situation, but it also allowed us to come face to face with senior professionals at a leading FMCG company. The combination of theory and practice provided us with unique know-how that we will all carry with us in our professional lives.” Hana Ďurajková BBCi 2015

The experience proved invaluable for students wishing to further their chances for an internship, or to secure entry level position upon graduation.

MBCi Students @ Consumer Science Center Wieselburg

On 10th of November, 18 MBCi students of the specialisation Marketing Analytics, spent a full day at the Consumer Science Center of the FHWN Campus Wieselburg. The trip was an integral part of the two courses Consumer Insights (course leader: Dr. Karin Dobernig) and Special Topics in Marketing Analytics 2 (course leader: Tatjana Steinwandter, MA) in which students work on two consumer projects for clients from the banking and non-profit industry.

At the Consumer Science Center, students gathered data for the two projects; they conducted focus groups and qualitative interviews applying projective techniques and creative interview tactics. Additionally, students lead a range of eye-tracking sessions to gather user insights and make recommendations for website optimization. Moreover, they got an introduction in other high-tech technologies used in consumer research such as mobile, wearable eye-tracking glasses and a sensor device to measure electrical brain activity. During the lunch break, some students also leveraged the opportunity to visit the local brewery “Wieselburger” and take a guided tour at the beer production area. 


Opening Event 2017

The BCi Opening Event took place on September 1st 2017 where our freshmen met and greeted each other for the first time. Bachelor and Master’s students came together from more than 37 different countries from all around the world.

During the Parade of Nations students briefly presented their homeland so that everyone could get to know more about the diverse cultures that comprise BCi. Some of our students even put on their national costumes for the evening to proudly show their nationalities. We hope that this event was a good start of a great college experience and that students can find their feet easily in this new environment.

Summer School Utrecht



Summer is not only about leisure time and vacation. Some of our motivated students took the chance and attended a 2-week summer school in the Netherlands offered by one of our partner universities - Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. The course “Innovation in European Business” helped students to explore the innovation challenges that European companies face nowadays and develop strategic solutions to address these challenges. 

"It is a unique opportunity to get to know not only the Dutch culture, but how they do business and view innovation. Comparing the Dutch way of innovating to that of the rest of Europe proves to be of high importance to anyone interested in starting up their own business; you develop the mindset through which you consider innovation the most relevant part of a company. In addition, an international environment facilitates knowledge expansion outside of Europe as well as creating lifelong friendships that can easily lead to successful business feats."

Tijana Davidovic, BBCi15 student

Graduation Ceremony 2017

Last Thursday we celebrated the accomplishments of the BCi Graduating Class of 2017. 

52 Bachelor and 11 Master students -from more than 25 different countries- were awarded with degrees at the BCi Graduation Ceremony which took place on June 29th at the FHWN University Campus. Warmest congratulations to all graduates!

Bachelor year group BBCi14 Master year group MBCi15

L’Oréal Brandstorm World Finals 2017

After winning the FHWN campus and the regional finals, our MIXOLOGY Brandstorm team headed to Paris to participate in the International Finals. The event took place on June 15th and was conducted as an info fair with 41 universities from all over the world. The participants had a great but intense time representing their ideas to 6 different teams of international jurors.

Our students Elena Wetzel, Hanna Yelistratova and Jana Schvarczová developed the idea of a tailored App for millennial men which incorporates a detailed analysis, instant ordering and personalized home delivery. Although our team did not win, they did fantastic and we are sure that they did not come back empty-handed. They gained an invaluable opportunity to present themselves to top L’Oréal executives and to network with other international business students, professors and L’Oréal personnel in Paris.

 We are proud of our students that they took part in this long journey and made it to the very last round!


IHM Students on Field Trip

On May 29th 2017, the students of the BBCi specialisation International Human Resources & Management went on a field trip to the EisGreissler Manufacturing Site in Krumbach.

During the company visit, the owner, Mrs. Andrea Blochberger (on the right) made sure that the students had an interesting and valuable time at the company. She was good enough to accommodate them, showing them a movie, taking them on a site tour, including a question and answer session, and a short lecture. During the visit the students gained insights on the company’s procedures and daily life. Needless to say the trip ended with delicious ice-cream tasting.


MBCi15 Students as Consultants

In the last semester of their studies, our Master students work in teams as Junior Consultants for real companies nominated by the University. On the 18th of May 2017 the MBCi15 Capstone Final Event took place, where students had the chance to present their main ideas and findings before the client companies and the Capstone jury.

This year the Capstone companies mainly composed of innovative start-ups founded in Austria but striving for international recognition. We would like to thank Accent Gründerservice for their cooperation and for assisting us this year again.

Among others, the teams developed detailed expansion strategies, identified efficient inventory management systems, and worked on improved social media presence for the specific brands. Congratulations to the winning team PONA, who came up with outstanding marketing strategies to build brand awareness for the product – organic PONA juice. The members of the winning team are Diana Demidko, Christel Joy Gano, and Adam Michalco.


L'ORÉAL Brandstorm Challenge 2017

MBCi Team en route to Paris

After their great success at the National Final, the Marketing students of the MBCi programme, Jana Schvarczová, Elena Wetzel and Hanna Yelistratova, prevailed against their tough competitors in the Regional Finals. They participated in an online qualification and had to convince L’ORÉAL top-managers of their idea Mixology for the brand Men Expert.

Due to their outstanding performance, the team qualified for the global finals of the L’ORÉAL Brandstorm Challenge competing against teams from all over the world. We keep our fingers crossed one more time for the World Finals at the L’ORÉAL headquarter in Paris this June!

CIMA Qualification

Exemptions for BBCi Graduates

As of 1st September 2017 all BBCi graduates will receive exemptions from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification up to the Certificate Level. We are the first and only University in Austria with this accreditation. These exemptions allow you to sit only one exam from 4 to receive the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and hold the designatory letters CIMA CERT BA. Alternatively you can take all 4 exemptions and proceed directly onto the CIMA Operational Qualification.

CIMA is the world's leading and largest professional body of management accountants and is one of the most relevant qualifications for your future business career. It has been designed to blend management accounting and business focused subjects to ensure our business graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to make well-educated decisions. This qualification makes you more marketable as a potential employee and will open up a variety of global career roles. Having a CIMA certificate instantly makes your CV stand out from the crowd.

“We are delighted to form a partnership with the University of Applied Sciences. It is very exciting as it's the first for CIMA in Austria and a unique opportunity for students on the programme to fast track into CIMA and gain an additional certification and enhance their employability globally. " 

 Jason Nye, Manager, Student Recruitment — Management Accounting, AICPA, CIMA


Study Trip 2017

MBCi in New York

"During our MBCi study trip we experienced the impressive business world of Manhattan, NY. We were a group of 16 students who chose the Big Apple as their destination for various reasons. The companies we visited were as diverse as New York City itself – from small and newly founded companies like Story and WeWork, to the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, which gave us an overview of the business prospects in New York, to renowned international companies like the Boston Consulting Group, Bloomberg and Red Bull.

At the sustainable marketing company Vertic we had the honor of meeting the CEO personally, and Douglas Elliman, the biggest mortgage broker in New York, offered us the unique possibility to attend an actual sales meeting with its business partners. A guided tour of the United Nations Headquarters was an incredible opportunity for us as well as a visit to the New York Stock Exchange, where we attended the ringing of the closing bell.

Besides company visits we really enjoyed exploring this great city: strolling around Central Park, window shopping on Fifth Avenue, shows on Broadway, enjoying the spectacular view from Rockefeller Center and rooftop bars and visiting sights, museums and memorials. We made the most of the time we had and got to know a metropolitan city that is as international and culturally diverse as we, the students of BCi, are ourselves." 

Nina Schmiedt, MBCi15


         Students at New York Stock Exchange 

                  Click here for more pictures. 


MBCi in Dublin

"What could be the incentive for a study trip to Dublin? The tech companies?The bustling downtown? Perhaps the finance district where large foreign investment is processed? Or perhaps we all just wanted to visit the Guinness Brewery and drink Jameson in the pubs. Whatever the reason that a member of our group of 9 had for choosing Dublin, we would discover that there were still many more reasons.

The similarities between Austria and Ireland are not apparent at first. It would be easy to overlook that they both have younger sibling type relationship with very powerful economies. Or that they are very similar in size. Or that they are both seen as gateway countries by foreign investors. The companies chosen by our professor told a story about Ireland’s business history, its goals, how it would get there and how Austria played a role. We kicked off history properly with a tour and a pint at the 250-year-old Guinness Brewery. At the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade we learned about Ireland’s successful efforts to attract foreign investment and how it handles that investment now that it’s coming in. The Allied Irish Bank taught us not only about the amazing benefits that came with becoming connected to the rest of the world, but also about the very real impacts of a financial crisis that begins abroad. The bank was going through a drastic overhaul and we were given a peak into this transition.


                   Students at Google Dublin


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At the Dublin Institute of Technology, we met fellow students that were ready to take on this new and improving economy. And at Google, we saw an employee-friendly, expansive campus for those working to make the world’s information accessible. Putting the whole trip into context was our meeting with Advantage Austria. There we learned about relationships, trade, and similarities between Ireland and Austria. We learned how we could get involved and the benefits of working with Ireland as an Austrian partner.

As our groups wandered the old cobblestone streets we could better understand the infrastructure that had created a place where tech and foreign investment converge with a rich history. We explored, we learned and we saw business from a brand-new perspective. The 2017 Study Trip to Dublin was a truly captivating experience."

Adam De Anda, MBCi15


L'ORÉAL Brandstorm Challenge 2017

MBCi Team won the Brandstorm 2017 National Final

Our team IMEX won the national final with an innovative idea for the brand Men Expert while competing against teams from all over Austria. The event took place on the 6th of April 2017 in Vienna, where among others FH Wien, FH Krems, WU Wien, TU Graz were represented.

We congratulate our BCi Master students Jana Schvarczová, Elena Wetzel & Hanna Yelistratova on this great success. Their outstanding concept Mixology  -an online application- was developed within the scope of their specialisation - Marketing Analytics. We keep our fingers crossed for the regional finals, hoping that our three motivated students can fly to Paris to the world finals in June 2017.

ACT Accreditation

Treasury & Investment MBCi Specialisation

The BCi Master's specialisation Treasury and Investment is accredited for the professional qualifications awarded by the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT), the world’s leading chartered professional body for treasurers. The accreditation confirms the quality of our programme, its high practical relevance and alignment with global industry standards. It also enables our students to get a professional certificate together with their master’s degree.

All students graduating from the specialisation can gain the ACT’s professional qualifications - Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals and Certificate in Treasury (upon the payment of an exemption fee). They will also be exempt from one of four units for the Diploma in Treasury Management certificate. ACT certificates in treasury are recognised internationally, highly valued by potential employers and often required for treasury roles. The qualifications will improve your career prospects and increase your earning potential right after graduation.

We are the first and at the moment the only university in continental Europe with such an accreditation.

BCi Career Day 2017

The third BCi Career Day took place on the 9th of March 2017. The primary goal of this special event is to provide BCi students with an insight into the various career opportunities they can seize in the future by specialising in one of the three majors the Bachelor programme offers. In order to help them decide, we invited BCi graduates and other professionals currently employed in global management positions at companies like UBER, Red Bull, diego5, and FlixBus.

International Accounting and FinanceInternational Marketing and SalesInternational HR & Management
Sebastian Posch, MA, Erste Group Bank AGChristoph Poropatits, BA, diego5 studios GmbHIng. Mag. Monika Maria Wiesner, Shire
Stefan Vincenz, BA, ISK WienDavid Kratky, MA, UBERNicole Narjes, MSc, FlixBus
Lorena Vukas, MA, Red Bull GmbHTea Stricevic, MSc, Bestseller HandelsChristian Holzer, BA; Former with:step2solution

The guest speakers were welcomed with packed lecture halls of interested students. In their presentations, the speakers shared their success stories and informed the students about their experiences, and about the skills that are required in their professions.

We hope that this special event will contribute to the successful future of our students.


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