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Business Consultancy International (BCi) is a high quality and challenging business degree programme at master’s level taught entirely in English. Building upon a first degree in business, the two year programme prepares you for future leadership positions with global companies. 

As a BCi graduate you will be able to fulfill requirements of the business community by means of perfect communication skills in English, intercultural understanding and experience, and global business know-how. The four-semester, full-time master's programme provides a particularly stimulating environment in which students from many different nations and cultural backgrounds work together with an international faculty. In the fourth semester you are encouraged to study abroad at one of our partner universities around the world.


In the BCi master’s programme you can choose to specialise either in financial management and investment analysis: Treasury and Investment or in marketing and data analytics: Marketing Analytics.

For further details please download the folder of the BCi master's programme. For the complete list of courses see our curriculum.

Duration:4 semesters
Organisational form:Full time (most courses Wednesday to Saturday)
Academic degree:MA (Master of Arts in Business)

Key strengths of BCi

Practical Learning

Throughout the programme, you will acquire in-depth exposure to a range of management and consultancy skills in addition to specialisation in the areas of treasury and investment or marketing analytics. It is envisaged that these courses will build on previous knowledge, and through close collaboration with companies, will combine traditional theory and methodology with hands-on tools and skills through case studies, projects and seminars. The small class sizes facilitate an intense and interactive learning environment whereby you will work with both the lecturers, fellow students, and external organisations to apply your knowledge.


International Atmosphere

There is no amount of theory that can fully prepare you for the challenges and rewards of actually working in and managing diverse teams. As worldwide markets and corporations become increasingly integrated and connected, students are expected now more than ever to have a global approach to working in a multicultural environment. Our degree programme offers immersion into a real melting pot of cultures and attitudes. Our students not only come from a variety of national and ethnic backgrounds, but along with that comes a diversity of academic and working experiences as well.

Top-notch Education

The majority of courses are led by highly qualified practitioners in their respective fields. Each specialisation course is designed by the university faculty in collaboration with expert lecturers to offer education that combines traditional theory with the skills and tools that are required on day one in the workplace.

Study Trip

A key aspect of the MBCi degree programme is the study trip in the final semester. There is no substitute for experiencing international business culture first-hand, and the study trip allows students to do just that.  Students travel to a variety of international business hubs such as Shanghai, New York, London, and Hong Kong for an intense week of company visits, presentations, and business tours. They gain an invaluable perspective of doing business in these centers, learn about the local challenges and opportunities, as well as have interactive seminars with industry leaders from a variety of business fields. The study trip programme is designed to complement the students' theoretical studies, ensuring valuable synergies between theory and practice.

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