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09 December 2015

Expertise from FH Wiener Neustadt and FOTEC in the field of aerospace reached Taiwan

For several years the University of Applied Sciences, FHWN, and its R&D partner FOTEC have been developing a new space propulsion engine. Its unique selling point is the use of low toxicity fuels. FHWN and FOTEC’s expertise is globally unique. NSPO, Taiwan’s Space Agency, heard about their scientific advancements and invited Aerospace Engineering Department Head Dr. Carsten Scharlemann to Hinchui to share his team’s knowledge and experience. During several lectures Dr. Scharlemann briefed scientists of NSPO, as well as professors and students at Taiwan’s largest engineering university, Cheng-Kung National University in Tainan. In negotiations with Dr. Chang, Director of NSPO, Dr. Scharlemann discussed cooperation opportunities amongst the three institutions. Transferring research knowledge into the classroom and lab setting is a major FHWN goal: partnering with NSPO would benefit the Aerospace Engineering students as well as the Department and FOTEC.


Photo: Dr. Kuo, Dr. Scharlemann, Dr. Chang at talks regarding cooperation between NSPO, FHWN and FOTEC.


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