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22 April 2015

The digital world is evolving rapidly. How does this effect us as users and what are the emerging trends for companies? Susanne Ostertag from Microsoft answered these questions during the Open Lecture on 22. April at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt.

From mobile video ads, vlogging, and interactive media, to behavioral data, digital technology is changing the way companies communicate with us. The international study ‘Digital Trends’, issued by Microsoft, analyzes user expectations towards technology and online-services, and produces some fascinating conclusions. From new channels, to tactics and mobile payment models, the world is changing fast, and so are user demands.

Susanne Ostertag has been working in the world of on-line media and digital communication for over a decade, for some of Austria’s biggest players in the industry.  She has witnessed huge changes, and seen first-hand what it takes to win in this increasingly competitive environment. Currently as County Manager for Microsoft Advertising Austria, she has been able to capitalize on the on her wealth of experience, and deliver a comprehensive study on trends in 2015 which she will share with us.

 Guest Lecturer: Susanne Ostertag
Country Manager at Microsoft Advertising Austria

Open Lecture "DIGITAL TRENDS 2015" – about consumer experiences and expectations in a digitalized world.

Date: Wednesday 22. April 2015, 17:00

Place: H6, University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, Johannes Gutenberg-Straße 3

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