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Life is communication!

The sustainment of communication skills is the content of the 6 semester full time bachelor degree programme “Logopädie”.

The core competences of a Speech Therapist include prevention, counseling, diagnosis, as well as the therapy of communication disorders in verbal and non-verbal areas. In connection to these are language, speech, breathing, the voice, the mouth, deglutition (act of swallowing), hearing and perceptual limitations and disorders. Speech therapy work includes all age groups. Further fields available in speech therapy include cooperation with relevant disciplines, teaching, science and research.

With graduation from the bachelor degree programme “Logopädie” you also acquire the professional license to work in a legally recognized health care profession.

Entry requirements:Details
Length:6 Semesters
Organisational form:Full time
Degree:BSc (Bachelor of Sciences in Health Studies)
Head of Programme Programme Administration
Mag. Angelika Jungwirth BSc, MSc
P: +43 (0) 2622 / 89 084 - 551
Ina Fank BA
P: +43 (0) 2622 / 89 084 - 890

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