The Degree Programme in Detail

Core courses (semesters 1-3)

During your first semesters, you will acquire a solid education with a strong practical orientation in business and related areas (economics, law, mathematics, statistics, IT and English).

your lecturers come from both academia an selected enterprises to share their knowhow with you. In projects with enterprises, you will develop both your professional and project-oriented competencies.

In the 3rd semester, you will improve your flexibility by choosing from the many electives according to our interests.

One of the prominent aspects of the Business Consultancy programme ist the focus on personal skills. During the course of your studies, you will attend workshops dealing with relevant social competencies such as professional dialogues, team an project management or conflict management. These competencies are essential for a successful performance in the job market. 

Specialisations (semesters 4-6)

From the 4th semester on, you will choose two business specialisations in which you will strengthen your skills. These two pillars will provide you with a high flexibility in the job market. Currently we offer 5 areas of specialisation from which you may choose:

In the specialisation "Financial Management", you will study the structure and regulations of financial markets with emphasis on Austria. You will gain knowledge about activities of banks an other institutions of the financial market. You will understand the magic triangle - return on investment, risks and liquidity - as a basis for correct decisions in the financial market. The capital market, investment decisions and business valuations are further topics of this specialisation. 

"Real Estate Management" teaches you all necessary management tasks (planning, organisation, implementation and controlling) essential for the real estate cycle in order to develop, operate, utilise and bring real estate to market.      

This specialisation focuses on the topics personnel, organisation, management and consultancy. In teaching and research, people and human interaction take a central role. Therefore people are in the centre of this specialisation. You will deal with individual motivation and leadership as well as planning of economic success and developing relevant strategies. 

Get to know the versatile world of marketing and sales. The market-oriented specialisation "Market Communication & Sales" will teach you to become both an expert and a profitable resource for your company.  

The specialisation "Accounting and Auditing" teaches you the fundamentals of accounting including financial and cost accounting and finance law. An additional emphasis is placed on the rules for international accounting which gains ever more importance in a globalised business world.    


The internship in the 6th semester constitutes a core element of your education. During your internship, you will gain important hands-on experience in the field you would like to work in later. More often than not, the internship allows for a smooth transition into your professional life. If you are studying part-time, relevant professional experience is accredited and thereby resources for other study contents are freed up. 

Internationality in your Studies

  • In order to be prepared for an international and global business world and to broaden your horizons, your degree programme head supports you in spending a semester studying or doing your internship abroad.

   Semester studying abroad: You can spend the 3rd semester studying in one of our 80 Partner Universities in Europe or overseas.

    Internship abroad: You can spend your internship in the 6th semester in a company abroad.

    The International Office of the FHWN advises and supports your semester abroad.

  • Each semester, international guest speakers hold lectures at the Wiener Neustadt Campus.
  • Additional offers through the Language Competence Center of FHWN in the form of electives for interested students: language courses, conversation courses and preparatory courses for language certificates in different languages.


Bachelor Papers

In the 5th and 6th semester, you are writing the Bachelor Paper on a topic relevant to your specialisation.


Continuation towards a Master's Degree

After successful completion of your "Business Consultancy" Bachelor degree, we offer the possibility of continuing to a Masters degree either in Business Consultancy and Business Leadership or other Master degree programmes.

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