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Figures are the nature of all things

There is hardly an area of life nowadays that could possibly work without Mathematics. It is the very basis of any technological development and the essential part of other sciences like medicine, materials science, environmental engineering, communication, transportation, finance and economics. Knowledge and understanding of some basic methods help students recognize relationships and assess what is possible and what is not.


It is no wonder that applied mathematics is taught as a course at any University of Sciences. Our goal, however, is not just the application, but also the understanding and the precision of conclusions and  argumentations. A good understanding of the matter helps you to better apply your knowledge, and to gain essential competences to cope with new situations. Precision is the basis of a scientific and critical working manner, and therefore, is a characteristic feature of academic sedateness.

“Mathematics and Statistics”, as a basic element of different study programs at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, supports students by offering summer schools, qualification courses and a Peer Point in addition to the lectures.

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