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Department of English for Business Consultancy, Health, Security & Sport

Due to increasing globalisation and mobility, English has become the most widely used language in today’s professional world. Moreover, English is often the common denominator in multi-lingual encounters, whether locally or abroad.

The University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt strives to equip its students to function successfully in workplace settings, both national and international. English is an integrated part of all study programmes. The Department of English for Business, Health, Security and Sport therefore offers high quality core competences for courses and some additional support for students.

The principles and goals of the English Department are:

    • Practical communicative competence that enables students to employ English successfully in daily life, studies and career. This implies achieving a high level of fluency and grammatical accuracy.
    • Interconnection of language and subject-matter as technical terminology and content cannot be separated. Consequently, oral and written communication activities are based firmly on relevant degree program specific content.
    • Interdisciplinary approach which means that language instruction is to be seen as a part of the entire curriculum and is, therefore, closely linked to the other courses offered at the FH.

Students benefit from course goals like:

    • The development and application of language skills in specific communicative contexts
    • The development of written communication skills
    • The building-up and improvement of grammar knowledge
    • The acquisition of relevant vocabulary
Head of Department
Prof. (FH) Mag. Dr. Désirée Verdonk
Academic Staff Member
P: +43 (0) 2622 / 89 084 - 352
F: +43 (0) 2622 / 89 084 - 99

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