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The department of "Micro- & Nanosystems" offers a computer lab and well equipped technical laboratories. This infrastructure is available for students in the context of teaching, individual projects as well as for research and development.

Micro- & Nanoelectronics

    • Waferprober – probe station for 6" wafers including DC and RF probes up to 20GHz
    • Industrial parameter analyzer – device characterization up to wafer-level testing
    • Electronic measurement devices – e.g. 6GHz real-time oscilloscope, 2.5GHz mixed signal oscilloscope, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, pico-amperemeter, LCR-meter

Design & Simulation

    • CADENCE - microelectronics design software for integrated circuit design
    • COMSOL, ANSYS - Finite element simulation
    • MATLAB / Simulink - modeling, analysis, signal processing
    • CATIA - 3D CAD design
    • PSPICE, ALTIUM - Electronic design
    • EAGLE, ORCAD - PCB layout
    • QUARTUS – FPGA design
    • Tools for optical simulation and ray tracing

Optics & Laser Technology

    • Optical components - lenses, prisms, filters, polarizers, objectives, beam splitters, gratings, ...
    • Opto-mechanical components - lens holders, stages, optical bench, breadboards, ...
    • Fiber optics - single and multimode fibers, attenuators, waveguide couplers, collimators, ...
    • Lasers - various gas, semiconductor and solid-state lasers (CW up to Gbit modulation)
    • Optical Metrology - optical receivers, power meter, spectrometers (UV, VIS, NIR)


    • High-resolution microscopes with camera and analysis software
    • AFM - Atomic Force Microscope
    • STM - Scanning Tunneling Microscope
    • Optical film thickness measurement device
    • 3D coordinate measuring machine
    • Fringe projection meter

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