A dense research network

The department of "Micro- & Nanosystems" is cooperating with a number of industrial and research projects with more than 100 national and international high-tech companies and research institutes in the field of microelectronics, microsystem technology and nanotechnology, such as:

    • Attophotonics (A)
    • AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology (A)
    • Austriamicrosystems (A)
    • CEA-Minatec (F)
    • CU – Cardiff University (GB)
    • DTU – Technische Universität Denmark (DK)
    • Fraunhofer Institut (D)
    • IMTEK (D)
    • Infineon (A, D)
    • Intel (Ir)
    • KIT Karlsruher Institute of Technology (D)
    • Sony Ericsson (F)
    • ST-Microelectronics (F)
    • TEKNIKER (E)
    • TNO Eindhofen (NL)
    • TU Wien (A)

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