Key Technology

Innovations in micro & nano dimensions

The micro- and nano-technology is a key technology of the 21st century. Such systems can be found in many common products in increasing numbers - and rising.

    • Microelectronic-chips: Microcontrollers, signal processing, interfaces
    • MEMS-sensors: Air bag & ESP sensors, mobile microphones, navi-gyroscope
    • Integrated  actuators: Beamer - micromirror array, bubble-jet print heads, micro-grippers
    • Optoelectronics: Camera chips, laser & LED technology,
      CD & DVD receiver
    • Medical technology: Microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, hearing aids
    • Security Systems: Fingerprint, smart nano labels, RFID tags

On one hand, while studying “Mechatronics | Microsystems Technology” highest importance on teaching of profound knowledge, for example in the fields of physics and electrical engineering is emphasized. On the other hand, students are directly involved in ongoing research projects, ensuring advanced curriculum on the latest state of technology.

The implementation of high-quality research and development projects, as well as networking with important national and international high-tech companies and research institutions offer students during their studies the opportunity to be involved in such projects and thereby to establish the corresponding professional contacts.

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