Content of Teaching


1st Semester

International Marketing Management

                Global branding and communication strategies

                Market entry modes

                International marketing mix

                Marketing metrics

Media Planning & Communication        

               Digital media

               Media planning strategies and processes

               Media research and key metrics

               Web analytics

Quantitative Marketing Research           

               Quantitative research methods

               Questionnaire design

               Sampling techniques

               Multivariate statistical methods

Quantitative Analysis I 

               Introductory statistics and data presentation

               Hypothesis testing

               Regression analysis

               SPSS application and usage

Business Analysis           

               Basic financial performance and ratio analysis

               Dimensions of company valuation

               Company and industry analysis

               Accounting methods

2nd Semester

Qualitative Marketing Research              

               Qualitative marketing research methods

               Interviews and focus groups

               Qualitative data analysis (software MAXQDA)

Quantitative Analysis II

               Limited dependent variable models

               Simple and multinomial regression

               Linear discriminant and factor analysis

               Conjoint and cluster analysis

Special Topics in Marketing Analytics I 

               Advanced Excel

               Forecasting and trend analysis

               Predictive lead scoring and predictive conversion rates

               Interpretation and presentation of data for strategic decision making

Advanced Marketing Metrics    

               Business and marketing performance assessment

               The marketing dashboard

               Linking marketing metrics to financial metrics

               Application of shareholder value principles to marketing

3rd Semester

Special Topics in Marketing Analytics II

               Big data - utilisation of high level tool

               Key metrics and making sense of KPIs

               Predictions and scenario analysis

               Ethics of data handling

Consumer Insights         

               Consumer decision-making

               Cognitive, affective and sub-conscious factors in consumer behavior

               Social and cultural determinants of consumer behavior

Pricing Analytics & Strategies   

               Economic and behavioral aspects of pricing

               Price analysis and demand forecasting

               Revenue management and models

               Advanced pricing techniques and price contract negotiations

Marketing Channels & Logistics               

               Customer Profitability Analysis

               Pricing and Revenue Management

               Risk management system

               Introductory SAP

Relationship Marketing               

               Campaign and channel management

               Data mining and data driven processes

               Customer Lifetime Value calculation and interpretation

               SPSS application: customer analysis and profiling

4th Semester

Marketing Decision Analysis     

               Marketing decision making models: decision tree and simulation models

               Marketing planning tools: perceptual mapping and portfolio analysis

               Business simulation game

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