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We asked our students to give us some feedback so interested students and applicants can read what they have to say:


 Name: Silvio de Carvalho

Special interests: Propulsion, Hands on Projects, CAD

My experience at the FHWN:  The program provides a very international environment with a broad range of subjects. Due to the small groups, the teachers are able to provide a valuable and individual mentoring.

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Name: Mehmet Yiğit Balta 

Special interests: Fluid Mechanics, FEM, CFD, Propulsion

My experience at the FHWN:  During the MSc. education at the FHWN, for each specific engineering course, we had experts coming from the aerospace industry, hence we had the chance to learn not only the theory but also the industrial applications, tools, etc., which allows an up-to-date engineering education at the FHWN.

Together with FOTEC GmbH which is the research cooperation of FHWN, the university conducts space related research projects and developments those also involve students of aerospace engineering. Having this close relation with FOTEC GmbH also enabled me to be a part of an ESA project which is totally my field of interest! Being a part of such projects which directly relates to our program, prepares students of FHWN for industrial careers in addition to academic careers.

Students of FHWN are also supported by FOTEC GmbH to conduct their thesis on space related topics. I know that without supervision of FOTEC GmbH, it would be nearly impossible to conduct my thesis by learning and using software in which ESA provides information confidentially.

As long as a student had an idea or needed to use a facility of FHWN, academicals of the FHWN fully supported us. For me, this support was to have the full access to use a very fast computer to compute all my numerical simulations.

I believe that the perspective we gained at the FHWN together with FOTEC GmbH will open up excellent opportunities for us in all over the world.

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Name: Ashwini Bhadravati Ramesh

Special interests: Aircraft Design, Mathematics, Aerothermodynamics, Catia.

My experience at the FHWN: The interactive classes, supportive nature, abundance of knowledge and ready to share it anytime nature of the lecturers impressed me very much. We were always updated with the activities going on relating to Aviation and Space industry through guest seminars. I’m very thankful to the organization that supports students financially by granting one-time financial stipend on the basis of academic achievement.

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Name: Lionel Gury

Special interests: Mechanical design, Structures, Propulsion

My experience at the FHWN: The Aerospace program at the FHWN gives a strong theoretical base completed by hand-on projects. For example, I am working on the thermal management of the future students satellite “PEGASUS”. The lectures are given by lecturers coming from the industry with a lot of professional experience.

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Name: Annapurna Basavaraju

Special interests: Space Mission Analysis and Design, Space Propulsion, Physics of flight, Aerothermodynamics

My experience at the FHWN: I admire the affable nature of the entire FH faculties including the lecturers. The lecturers are very helpful and cooperative. Dr. Carsten Scharlemann, Head of the Aerospace Department takes the responsibility of managing the program efficiently; he is all time ready to help the students when we have any course related issues. The administration is very quick in its responses towards the queries of the students. The contents of the subjects are quite well structured. Overall it was a good exposure here. I feel that it’s really worth coming so far from my home country, India and hoping for a bright career in my future.

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Name: Joan Miralles

Special interests: Thermodynamics, Mechanics, FEA

My experience at the FHWN: I came from another country to study at the FHWN because it gives me the chance to study in an international environment with excellent lecturers, who work at the same time in the aerospace industry.

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