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Master Thesis Topics



Hambling, Collin: Experimental Investigation of Baffled Tube Ram Accelerator Operational Characteristics.  USA

Mione, Michele: Determination of Transient Heat Fluxes of High Temperature Materials in Plasma Wind Tunnel. IRS, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Pavesi, Sara: Characterisation of Ablative Thermal Protection System Materials through Analysis and Inverse Methods. IRS, University of Stuttgart, Germany



Cacic, Bruna: Innovative methods and the relevant success factors for the analysis of Earth Observation and Remote Sensing data. FHWN, Austria

Chincholi,, Kiran Ravindra: Conceptual and Preliminary Aerodynamic Design of a Stratospheric Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for Micro-Gravity Simulation. We are Spaceship, Germany

Fari, Ouassim: Real-time simulator layout and algorithm for sustained heavy acceleration. FHWN, Austria

Jelem, David: Development and experimental validation of a theoretical model to describe the correlation between field geometry, beam divergence, droplet generation and impedance of a liquid Indium FEEP ion thruster. FOTEC; Austria

Miralles Pascual, Joan Albert: Experimental Characterization of Steady State Applied-Field Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster SX3. IRS, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Mostafa, Abdelfattah: Development of a Combustion Test Rig for a Bipropellant Micro Propulsion System. FOTEC, Austria

Nandyala, Varun Reddy: Development of a high performance catalyst structure under the consideration of thermal and mechanical properties. FOTEC, Austria

Srinivasan, Bhooma:  Optimization of remote sensing image processing techniques for re-identification of rock based archaeological sites using Landsat satellite imagery. FHWN, Austria

Sypniewski Jr., Richard Henry: Assessment of the Plume Characteristics of a Miniaturized Pulsed Plasma Thurster. FOTEC; Austria

Tunk, Girish: Technology and application study of different weight saving methods on windows in commercial aircraft. RUAG, Austria

Ureche, Andra -Anamaria: A flight test area for CAMCOPTER® S-100. Austrocontrol, Austria

Yadav, Neha. Structural optimization for additive layer manufacturing (ALM) of combined rocker arm and axle of the Diamond Aircraft DA62. FHWN, Austria



Chandrappa Gowramma, Naveen Kumar: Conceptual Design of SimplifiedHydraulic Test Bench for Non-Rotating Aircraft Components for Asian Market. TEST-FUCHS, Austria

Göttler, Steffen: Optimisation of the receiver-unit layout of the MLAT system at the airport Frankfurt. Fraport, Germany

Gury, Lionel: Numerical Investigation of the Influence of the Injector Geometry on Flashing Behavior. DLR, Germany

 Wollner, Jürgen: Investigations for the Development of a Single-Use Shape Memory Alloy Spacecraft Valve. Airbus, Germany



Anifa Mohamed Faruck, Azharudeen: Innovative concepts for solid lubrication in space. AAC, Austria

Balta, Mehment Yi´git: Simulations of Spacecraft-Electric Propulsion Interactions on Türksat-6A. FOTEC, Austria

Basavaraju, Annapurna: Automated search for future interplanetary trajectories to Jupiter based on a global optimization approach. FHWN, Austria

Bhadravati Ramesh, Ashwini: Conceptual design for a future small General Aviation multi-engine training aircraft. FOTEC, Austria

Pietraszuk, Michal: Implementation of an Efficient Pressure Load Transfer between Different Meshes (CFD-FEM, GFEM-DFEM). FACC, Austria

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